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Digital Transformation Strategies for the Sports Industry

Advance your career by progressing to the next level of data analytics

It gives us great pleasure to announce that due to popular international demand, we have merged the ‘India’ program with the international ‘digital marketing for sports’ program. The great benefit of this merger will be the combination of region-specific (India) case studies with those from around the world, and a digital classroom full of international participants. Registrations will stay open until late October, for a start of the program on the 26th of October (session time 1.30-3.30pm). We do apologise for the inconvenience of those who originally planned for the dates announced earlier. We look forward to seeing you in the digital classroom on the 26th of October!

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2-month online program

This program consists of 10 sessions of 2 hours each between Oct – Nov 2020 over weekends.


You can now register at the special introductory fee of Rs. 10,000/-.


Learn wherever or whenever you want in your own digital learning office.


The completion of the program will be rewarded with an official certificate.


Recent graduates review this program with an average score of 4.8/5.0.

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“Catch up with your digital marketing skills in this total program for a one time offer of only Rs. 10,000/-‘’

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Build a firm foundation for your future in sports. This program helps you develop your digital marketing skills. In 10 online sessions of 2 hours each, we guide you through the landscape of digital strategies in sports, with a focus on developing new revenue streams, collecting better data and optimising your performance in digital communities. We offer a highly successful program in Europe for the first time in India at an introductory fee of Rs. 10,000/-.

"You will never find such a complete digital program in sport at this price point. It represents great value and will return the investment many times."

Professor Hans Westerbeek
/ Professor Victoria University

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SportsCloud International

This program is an initiative of SportsCloud International, an industry leader in digital sports marketing. With proven expertise and experience in big data analytics and digital platform creation, SportsCloud creates highly successful digital business strategies. SportsCloud experts have put their knowledge into a wide range of educational programs in Europe, Australia and India covering the most crucial developments in the digital sports industry. More than 700 former participants rate their programs with an average 4.8/5.0 score.

Who is this for?

This program is suitable for any current or aspiring sports professional and extremely beneficial for the following.


Professionals in Sports leagues

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape it is crucial for professionals in sports leagues or franchises to understand the strategic value of fan data. This program will help you to create actionable insights on fan behavior and new revenue streams. With the practical approach you will learn best practices with a focus on understanding various tools available to create a long-term vision.


Professionals in Sports Event Management

Through digitization the opportunities for building revenue streams, is evolving. For professionals who are working in event management, tech companies, broadcasters or talent management, it is important to understand the strategic value of fan data (even small data sets) to build and run a digital strategy. Only then you will be able to discover new monetization opportunities in the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Sports Management Students

For students and those aspiring to work in the sports industry who must develop skills required to gain an entry into the sports sector, this program provides technical understanding and capability to develop yourself as a future manager. With global best practices in fan engagement we help to build a data driven mindset and understanding of key metrics to identify actionable insights.

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Professionals in Tourism & Recreational Sports

Because of the rapidly evolving digital landscape, new generations arise with different interests, needs and behaviors. For professionals working in tourism or recreational sports, it is important to recognize this development and be able to respond to it in a strategic way. This program helps you both strategically and practically to be ready for a new way of fan engagement.

Unique program

In every 2 hour live session, we introduce the topic from an international sports business perspective and then take a deep dive into 2 themes. Every session has a relevant sports industry case study or an interview with a business leader focusing on theme of the session.

Exploring the digital marketing landscape - 26 Oct

In recent years, there has been an explosive increase in the rise of marketing technology tools. These tools, currently more than 8,000, ensure optimization in marketing and sales processes. The tools include data systems, advanced analytic tools, email applications, advertising tools, social media management solutions, business intelligence tools and profiling tools. This lecture gives you insights in how globalisation has impacted the sport business.

Knowledge Gain:

  • Introduction in MarTech/Digital landscape
  • Digital and data ecosystems in sports

A selection of the tools we cover:

Taking advantage of the data opportunity - 29 Oct

Data comes in many shapes and sizes. But what is the value of data really and what kind of data are we talking about? How do you use it to increase conversion rates? For instance in participation registration or in ticket sales. In this lecture we explain how you as a sports organization can create value from your own database. How it is an important strategic insight in both the short and long term for the choices you make as an organization.

Knowledge Gain:

  • How to apply  data in your strategy 
  • Introduction to smart data tools and platforms

A selection of the tools we cover:

Enhancing fan/member engagement & loyalty - 2 Nov

Fans and participants always have a bond with you as a sports organization. It is important that you are able to constantly engage them with the story of your organization. How do you continue to engage with your fans, continue to tell unique stories,  make them loyal of your sport, or your organization and to the future? In this lecture we take a look at various fan engagement techniques and solutions based on the best practices worldwide. We show  you the  possibilities  in working with advanced loyalty  platforms.

Knowledge Gain:

  • How different ways of value creation in sport require deep insights into how customers think, feel and behave.
  • Working with fan engagement solutions

A selection of the tools we cover:

Profiling fans/members and capturing new markets - 5 Nov
There are many different forms of data and how this contributes to getting to know your customers better. Some data sources you may already have in place and some you may need to add. The trick is to be able to form a 360-degree customer view of your fans or participants. How can you connect different relevant data sources? With this complete customer view, you are able to add value at every stage of the fan-journey and literally convert the data into revenue.

Knowledge Gain:
  • How the value chain in sport will allow us to better determine what kind of information we need to our stakeholders
  • How to create a 360 degree view of the fan

A selection of the tools we cover:

Developing next-level Social Media strategies - 9 Nov

Social media is an incredibly important channel for sports organizations. How can you best use social media as an organization? Which platforms doyou choose and what type of content do you share on these platforms? How  do  you build a unique content strategy? During this lecture we will dive deeper into the power of social media. And how to get value out of the conversion techniques in these social channels.

Knowledge Gain:

  • A brief overview of the sport social media landscape, and how it is rapidly changing
  • New powerbrokers in sport media, and how fake news and real news blur the boundaries

A selection of the tools we cover:

Enriching experiences on sport platforms - 12 Nov

Adding playful interactive elements to your marketing channels is becoming increasingly important. Especially for the younger generation. We have seen an emergence of gamification in recent years. Creating these types of gamification techniques and implementing them within your marketing activities is discussed in detail in this program. Of course, also the developments in the e-sports market will be part of this lecture.

Knowledge Gain:

  • An introduction to the context of gamification & esports and the growth of the industry in covid times and beyond
  • AR and VR as the new frontiers for sport participation and sport spectatorship

A selection of the tools we cover:

Using personalization & conversion to scale up - 16 Nov

Conducting (personalized) marketing requires a lot of attention and time, while many of these activities are repetitions. In this lecture we discuss the principles of marketing automation. We discuss tools that you can use immediately. Adding automations within your marketing campaigns ensures that you increase the scalability and efficiency of your organization. This strategy is the most effective way to reach and engage fans or participants on an everyday base.

Knowledge Gain:

  • From old marketing to new marketing – why talking to every person individually can be done on a mass scale
  • The principles of marketing automation

A selection of the tools we cover:

Building a digital strategy roadmap - 19 Nov

The sport has experienced a significant acceleration in recent years. But what will the next 5 years look like? Which innovations and trends will develop in the near future and have an impact on sport? How do you determine your strategy for the coming years and what are the threats in the market? In this lecture we look ahead to the sports market of the future and of course will go through the effects of Covid-19.

Knowledge Gain:

  • The future of the world of sport, what we can expect
  • Management decisions with dashboarding

A selection of the tools we cover:

Building communities in recreational sports - 23 Nov

Building communities has become more important than ever. People have become more and more individualistic, as a result of which the link with sports organizations no longer always runs along this traditional axis. So, we have to come up with new ways to build communities. In this lecture we will take you through a number of practical cases in which successful communities have been created and which results they have achieved today.

Knowledge Gain:

  • What does it mean – community sport…?
  • A brief comparison of community sport systems in various countries
  • Covid and the need for new business models in community sport

A selection of the tools we cover:

Connecting to the power of esports - 26 Nov

Esports is booming. The esports market is growing every year and this will only increase in the coming years. It is a type of sport that appeals to the younger generation. How do you as a sports organization deal with esports and what can you do to use it as a means to let your fanbase engage with your own sports organization? In this program we cover all ins and outs of esports worldwide and in the Indian market.

Knowledge Gain:

  • Is esport real sport…? Some arguments in favour and against
  • And… does it really matter? Because for sport business to thrive it probably does not

A selection of the tools we cover:

Learning from professionals.

These marketing professionals act daily in the cockpit of the fast-paced marketing world teaching at several leading universities.

Hans Westerbeek

Professor Victoria University

Hans Westerbeek is Professor of International Sport Business, Head of the Sport Business Insights Group and Co-Director of Sport and Recreation Spatial at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. 

Hans Westerbeek

Peter Sprenger

Founder & CEO Sportscloud INT

Peter is lecturer in digital strategy and data management at Cruyff Institute and the Nyenrode Sports Leadership Program. In addition he teaches digital innovation at the MBA’s of the VvAA and IBO Business School.

Peter Sprenger

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Highly recommend their programs and teaching system

In various projects in India that I have worked on with Professor Hans Westerbeek, he has shown great insights and knowledge about innovation and trend analysis in the global and Indian sport industry. He has worked in Kerala, Mumbai, Delhi and Chandigarh on government and private sport industry projects and made important contributions to advancing sport business in India.
Roshen Paul
Roshen Paul
/ Key2Care Group

High level of efficiency and scientific teaching methods

Five intensive days with great content. Enthusiastic teachers who really teach you everything you need to be digitally successful. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to take the next step in marketing.
/ UEFA Champions League

Professional team of specialists and passionate mentors at reach

The lecturers show in a strategic and practical way how fast the field of Sports Marketing is changing. After this training you will look at the marketing profession in a different way and you will want to put the many innovative tools that are introduced in the program into immediate practice.
Gerben van Hardeveld
/ Dutch Olympic Committee

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Our Students Work at:

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